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Click to watch video: Analogy to a Blue Flame
video projection

Video by Andrea Taylor is made with a photocopied photograph of a screen capture from the 1896 film of Loïe Fuller’s dance, The Serpentine Dance, which has the figure cut out. The cut out highlights the edge of the body, where the body meets or interacts with the world. The cutout acts as a viewfinder on the very film that it came from, The 1896 Serpentine Dance film plays upside down under the cutout. The video also pulses with a slight movement which involves the viewer’s body mimicking the pulse or heart beat rhythm from the artist’s own body as the work was created. As the viewer watches, sometimes the fabric pulsing looks like a flame and at other times it looks, perhaps, other-worldly and unknown or unknowable and at other moments you see a foot and guess what might be happening, then are taken back into the pulsing colours seen through the view-finder cut-out figure.